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The Museum of the Battle of Fromelles: the latest chapter in a story that began nearly a century ago.

The Battle of Fromelles took place on 19 and 20 July 1916, between British and Australian divisions and a Bavarian division. It was a fierce confrontation, with nearly 8,500 victims in less than 24 hours. The bodies of many of those killed on the battlefield were never found.

In 2009, a team of archaeologists unearthed the bodies of 250 British and Australian soldiers killed at Fromelles. A major identification campaign began, and with each new identity, the story of soldier came to light.

Follow the battle, the archaeological research and the stories of the dead soldiers, in the permanent exhibition.

Discover a history that is still being written.


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Museum of the Battle of Fromelles

Rue de la Basse ville
59249 Fromelles

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Following the latest government announcements, the museum will be closed until further notice.

Let keep in touch on our social media to discover the museum by other means. 

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The audioguides are included in the admission fee and are available in four languages (French, English, German and Dutch)

Full price: €6.50

Concessions: €4.00

Free: Children under 8 and other cases specified in the detail page

Group rate: €4.00 per person (minimum 15 people)

School rate: €2.00 per child

Guided tour of the museum  : €50

Guided tour of the cemetery: €30

Accepted payment methods: Cash, card, cheque.


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The Museum of the Battle of Fromelles is fully accessible to disabled visitors and people with reduced mobility. .

Resources for the blind or vision impaired and the deaf or hearing impaired are available on request at reception

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OUR STORIES COLLECTIONS See all the soldiers
  • Alexander McCulloch

    Alexander McCulloch

    Private 1011 – 32nd Bn, 8th brigade, Single
  • Alfred Thompson

    Alfred Thompson

    Corporal 2825 — 55th Bn, 14th Brigade, Single
  • Edward James Hope

    Edward James Hope

    Private 4188, 54th Bn, 14th Brigade, Single
  • George Honey

    George Honey

    Private 1291, 32nd Bn, 8th Brigade, Married
  • Henry Bell

    Henry Bell

    Private 191 — 29nd Bn , 8th Brigade, Married
  • John Alexander Crawford

    John Alexander Crawford

    Lance Corporal 77, 32nd Bn, 8th Brigade, Single
  • Kenneth Malcom Mortimer

    Kenneth Malcom Mortimer

    Captain — 29th Bn , 8th Brigade, Single
  • Ralph Johnson

    Ralph Johnson

    Lance Corporal 715, 31st Bn, 8th brigade, Single
  • William Edwin Boyce

    William Edwin Boyce

    Private 1218 — 32nd Bn, 8th Brigade, Single